…till next doc’s day…

I forgot to provide an update last Friday, Apr 7. I went to the doctor. Actually, doctors. My nephrologist and rheumatologist​ actually said the same thing. I look better and somehow am getting better each day. They changed dosage of the medicines that I am taking (although only three (3) were removed from the list), and I noticed that in the instructions, it’s slowly being tapered off. Yey!

We bought almost a month’s worth of meds. Almost a month’s worth and almost complete because some are so hard to find. When I added all of that, the amount was shocking. So, I’m paying that much a month for medicines? Waah!

I’ll be going back to the doctors next month, around May 8 or so. Hopefully by then, most meds will be removed from the list and I’ll just be taking my maintenance meds and the med for treating my nephritis.

Well then,

…till next doctor’s day…


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