… And I’m still here…

Note: This was originally posted 3 days ago in another site which I deleted. No sense in keeping more than 1 journal for my life. This is me. This is my site. These are my POVs. Bow. 

I promised myself that I’ll be religiously keeping this journal. I wanted to do that really. However, it seems that fate and papa God has something else in mind.

Last January 3 or so, I got confined. I had the worst case if edema to the point that I can’t walk, I can’t talk normally, I cant breathe. It was then that I asked to be rushed to the ER.

Don’t get me wrong. I know my limits when it comes to my Lupus. It’s just that I never expected to reach this point. This is the start of the worst flare.

I spent 18 days in the first hospital. BTW, I have yet to rant about the awful service that private hospital had provided.  I was diagnosed then with of  course, edema and vasculitis. It was during that 18 days that I felt I was never getting better. Finally though, I was discharged.

I thought that was the end of it. I thought wrong. January 29, I was again rushed to the ER. This time, I was brought to the hospital via an ambulance. That’s how critical it was. I never knew that my kidneys failed fast. I was gasping for air. They had a hard time lifting me as I was so huge.

I had dialysis, then my hemoglobin was so low, I needed blood transfusion. That’s what I had to deal with. Another problem arrived during this time. Water was literally dripping from my left flank, unfortunately, it got infected. Dead tissues were surgically removed. So now, Ii have this big hole.

I really thought that when February ends, I will be out of here. But then again, I thought wrong.

… And I’m still here…


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