…Let me rest, please…

As I sit here, so early in the morning, been working for the past 6 hours, I accept the fact that I am tired. I am on Lupie mode again, been this way since I don’t know how long anymore. I just try to keep on moving, keep on working. It’s not because I really want to…sometimes I just want to lie down, sleep… and keep on sleeping. It’s due to a need that I keep on… need to strive for family, need to strive to eat. To live.

But I’m just so tired.

Everything hurts. Physically. Emotionally. Sometimes, my spiritual self is also taking a hit.

I’m just so… tired.

I ask myself when life will get better? When will all sacrifices end? When will this heartache stop? Even for just a while, even for just a season. A break from all these problems even for just a short while…

We work, we strive, we do our damned hardest… but most of the time, it feels that these efforts are to no avail.

How can that be?

…I’m just so tired…

…Let me rest, please…


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