I have this habit that I tend to formulate a post in my mind, even at odd hours. I always tell myself that I will write it down or post it here. But, I never do. đŸ™‚ The entry is all done in my head… and then when I am in front of my laptop, I don’t go to my blog to post it, I don’t even try to post it as a status in FB. I sometimes just tweet a few lines that would fit in 140 characters in Twitter. That’s the extent. So, in the end. I just think about it and then forget about it. So many missed ideas shared, so many opinions from me not known by people around, so many things in mind that just flows to nowhere.

So, what I may ask, made me open think to click the link for a new post, and blabber incoherent nonsense? Well, I think it’s one of those times that I have the energy to actually share my day with people. To somehow put in writing even just the randomness of what’s in my mind.

This post is just meant to be… well… free flow. No absoluteness to the thoughts in my mind, no clear direction of what I’m going to write, what message I would be giving to readers. Not even an idea or specific topic. It’s just something of a release. Something in my mind that needs to be written, and I guess shared.

Doesn’t that time come sometimes – you pick up a pen and just write. In this case, just type. Hopefully, I’ll get this energy to share my thoughts daily. No one might read, no one might care – but, smile for me. If someone does click this link – then someone cared enough to read what I had to say. Even to share my dip to thoughts of just about anything and everything… on things of life, even if it’s just full of… hmmm…



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