This was an awful day which prompted me to post something because I don’t have anyone to talk to but myself.

I had realizations.

1. No matter how much effort into something to make it with quality – it doesn’t matter at all. One miss and boom! you’re through.

2. I have no real friends. or no real best friends. Again, a friend will know when they need you the most. If I’m a real friend, I will be there for them especially if they need my support or even just my ears to listen – and even without them asking me if they need me. But then again, that’s me. I can’t expect people to be there for me, as I am for them.

3. Being a lupie hinders success. At this point and what has happened today – I can say that I hate my life. I hate having this illness. I hate me.

Don’t go optimistic on me – since everything is still sinking in – I am honestly in a pessimistic, depressing mood. I won’t hear what you have to say.

For now, at this moment, everything is…



3 thoughts on “…BS…

  1. Lupus My Invisible Companion
    My name is Chelsea Stark. And I recently was diagnosed with lupus. I just started a blog titled lupus my invisible companion and I’m looking for people to share some life stories. And some vitamins for exercises or prescriptions that help them. The goal of this blog is to help other people with lupus and maybe educate those who do not have it. Here is the link. https://lupusmyinvisiblecompanion.wordpress.com

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