… even just for a moment

It was night,silence everywhere. It could be that all are already asleep, spending their time in their own dreamland.

There are sudden gusts of wind from time to time,  a dog barking somewhere. You’ll hear the swish of the leaves of trees around me, or the croak of a nearby frog. Or it may be a cricket? Nature was doing what it does best. Providing the soothing sounds of life.

Looking up to the night sky, I see some stars twinkling, seemingly winking at me from time to time. No cloud in sight, and the moon, well, would be shy today. It’s not easy to see through the wall of darkness, you only have the light of the twinkling stars to make you see.

If you look well enough, you can see patches of white around you, a church somewhere farther.

I can feel the cold wind touching my skin, and sometimes an occasional mosquito will land on my arm or leg, and I try to swat them away. I’m sitting, my back supported. I can feel the grass beneath my legs, cold, and wet due to the dew they produce. I touch them, from time to time. Other times, I can feel the graze of marble on my hand, and I look down at it, and read a name.

I’m starting to feel sleepy, and my eyes started to droop. I started to feel the cold and started to shiver.  I was about to stand to go home, but suddenly…

I felt warmer. The cold went away. I felt warmth envelop me, as if arms were reaching out to hug me. I can feel the hug. I can feel the comfort. I cannot see anything or anyone around me, but I can hear… a touch, a whisper. I can feel the love. For a moment there, I felt warm. I looked down, and looked at the marble and smiled. A tear trekked down my cheek, but I’m still smiling at this moment, because…

For a moment there, I felt my dad again. His hug. His love. I can see the smile on his face, even when he is telling me to sleep already, it was late! I can see him frowning, when I say “10 more minutes, Papa!”. I remember when I’ll kiss his cheek good night.

For a moment there, I was with him again.

What I would give, to be anywhere and in any place, as long as I’m with Papa again…

… even just for a moment.


5 thoughts on “… even just for a moment

    1. Thank you. It’s nice to know that the love was felt somehow. 🙂
      I am quite nervous on the feedback because I wasn’t sure if I even did it right 🙂 hehe.

  1. Wow, this is so touching. You start off sounding so mysterious, it is almost creepy wondering what will happen next. However, you really turn the story around just as one can see that she is feeling alone, and afraid. There must have been a really special bond, and it is so apparent in this blog entry. Lovely reading!

    1. Thanks 🙂 it’s nice to know how one thinks of this.
      I wasn’t intending to be mysterious though. LOL.
      you got me with the “afraid” one – where did that come from? hehe

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