…so tired

I’m not in the mood to be optimistic because for now, I’m just freaking tired.
So let me be a human being for now, please. I have my down moments, more than people would know. and yes, i don’t think people will really really understand but i know some will try (they will truly try), but I’m just also tired of trying to explain, and trying to share.

I am not in the mood to share. I’m not in the mood to explain myself. I’m not in the mood to ask for help.

to share – because it would seem that no one listens.
to explain – because no matter how hard I try no one truly understands. to hell with “I know how you feel…”. Do you really? Were you ever in this position? If yes, then can you share it with me as well, if you can’t… then I ask again… Do you really know how I feel? and what I’m going through?
to ask for help – because you would need to explain and to share… and most often than times, whoever you are asking for help from, cannot help you really, or just doesn’t want to. there are only a few people that i can say that I can say truly helped me.

pardon me for the so negative thoughts today. it’s just that everything that is happening around me is getting me down, and … obviously I don’t have anyone to help me get through… and i guess…

I guess the point is. I AM TIRED.

just so tired.

…so tired.


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