The past 2 years, I’ve spent most of my summers in the hospital. In 2011, I got confined for two weeks, 2 times. Same goes for 2012. Now, for 2013, I’m hoping that this won’t happen. I’m praying that this will not be the case this year. However, sometimes, I think that this prayer won’t be answered. I haven’t been feeling well already since late March, and the past week… well, let’s just say that I have been on leave quite a bit. The past week, I really did not feel well. Joints aching, headache coming and going, I can’t think, I can’t even sleep.  I’m weak, I’m tired, and I’m feeling low. Depressed if you want a word. Lonely, if you want another word. Yeah, I know. It’s summer. 

Summer, summer, summer. People love summer. People love the sun. People love going to beaches. I don’t. I learned to hate it. I miss it. Summer, summer, summer. 

Will I ever get to enjoy my summers again? 



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