a bit of the past…

I was quickly looking at my personal laptop, looking for files that would be ok to delete, and found something I wrote years ago about my best friend. I guess it was one of those times that we were on separate ways, but I realized now, whatever happens, we always get back together. There just might be times that somehow we go our separate paths, and we find some other people to spend time with, and there would be the downers in the friendship, but still I guess if you’re friends, you’re friends. Best or not, but still friends.

LOL. Sooo old a write-up but if you would ever read it (I’m still thinking if I’ll be posting it or not), what I’m feeling that day, what I was thinking at that time, still seeps through. I guess looking for something to delete in my full drive allowed me to find something to remind me that I should be thankful for friends. And if something happens, this will remind me that friends may be apart for sometime, but if it’s real, no matter what happens, until we grow old, you’ll still be friends.

… an after thought, maybe I’ll post that bit of the past soon. But note, it’s just…

a bit of the past….


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