“Tell Me”

In my mind, the song “Tell Me” by Side A keeps playing in my mind. I think this is due to the fact that last Friday night, I keep singing this (especially the first two lines of the chorus) to a friend to tease her.

“tell me
where did i go wrong?”

Now, I however, even as I sing it in my head, and try to relate it to the situation, the answer to the question is no wrong was done so there is no point in asking the question. The better question is what he did wrong.

What did he do wrong anyway?

Before I do answer that, I can quite say that in this post, I’m having a hard time being unbiased. I have a personal bias to this as i really don’t like the guy. period. But my friend “likes” him, so being the good friend that I am, I’m still trying my best to support that friend. (But honestly, i just hear the name, I get really really pissed off – but that’s another story and that’s beside the point).

“Tell me, where did I go wrong?” – still I don’t get the answer. There was nothing wrong. I think I may be confusing you now. what was the situation anyway?

Ok, so in a nutshell.

I have this girl friend, who was supposed to meet a guy friend (that I’m not so into). They were supposed to meet late in the day. Unfortunately, girl got off work earlier than usual so she decided to get some itsy bitsy drink with her friends (which she usually does anyway during a Friday) to waste time away while waiting for the meet-up. During the course of the waiting, of course they were communicating to finalize plans where and when to meet. Then there was the conversation. During the course of the waiting part for the girl, guy knew girl was drinking beer (but of course she was not drunk, who would get drunk in 2.5 bottles of San Mig Apple anyway???) and guy said supposedly got “angry” since she was drinking and decided to move the meet-up to the next day.

Ok, so from that my questions was – was he expecting the girl to do nothing while waiting? and if there was something else to do, what would it be? Drink coffee in coffee shop alone, while her friends are in another place? another is that, did guy ever tell her or request for her not do have her drink before they met up? Boyfriend? Exclusively dating? hmmm…

Some things to consider:

1. Guy is a “friend”.

2. They are not a couple. No special commitments were made. They are not even exclusively dating.

3. Girl was not drunk at all. Is there something wrong with having a little drink with friends? Or does guy not trust girl to think correctly when girl has a little to drink?

4. On a purely biased and personal note, I don’t think guy likes girl to be friends with the friends that she was with during her short drink thing. (and since I don’t like him – I don’t know bout the others though – it’s just fair – LOL).

5. Girl did not promise anything to guy.

6. Guy did tell girl that she should not drink before meeting up.

And now, I’m confused. No. Confused is not the correct word. I’m not confused. I’m just particularly pissed off. This goes deeper than just this. Or maybe I’m over analyzing. Nah, not that too. I’m just pissed.

But going back, what did girl do wrong for guy to react with some “anger”? For me none. She was just being herself, she was just being true to what she wanted to do while waiting. She even didn’t know what guy expected. She was just being her. The “her” that her drinking friends actually love – no matter what.

Now, who is guy in her life anyway? maybe that one they will have to answer definitively so that we, her other friends, will understand and try to accept.


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