blocked! :P

Wowee! This is my first time to see this:

Blocked - twitter

This from twitter… so… lol.

Methinks a lot.

Methinks a number of ideas.

Methinks person is hiding something.


This leads me to think of people and relationships. When will you know that the people around you are being true to you? Seemingly friendly, civil, real to you, but are they really?

Yeah, don’t make a big deal out of being blocked by someone on twitter, facebook, and other social sites. I’m not actually. It’s just that if they block you, it is a conscious decision. They actually take the time to click some buttons and links to do that.

Imagine, when you don’t like some people, you have different options:

1. Don’t add the person.

2. Set your profile to private.

3. Ignore.

It takes more effort to actually choose to block a person, so logically there is a reason why you will take the extra time to actually block him/her..

I’ll be honest, I’m bothered.

But then, given the person who blocked me…

Methinks person is hiding something. LOL.


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