first of july, twenty twelve

I woke up feeling down and irritated. It’s my “third” day in the hospital, and it seems to last a lifetime. I’m still waiting for my last dose of pulse therapy (and I forgot the name of the medicine… all i know is that its a form of steroid pa rin naman).

Today is July 1, 2012. It is the start of a new month, and for me signifies a start of a new chapter. A chapter where I don’t have a choice but to accept the fact that aside from SLE, I’m now diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis (Class III). My doctor has stated that an aggressive treatment is in order. So in order to placate my nephro and my rheuma, I’m now admitted to this hospital. First for my nephro, for my pulse therapy. And last night, my rheuma kinda burst in my hospital room, a bit pissed off, asking me why I’m taking CellCept without informing him. LOL. I was quite speechless, as I was just following my nephro’s advise. So confused as i was, i told him I forgot to inform nephro of what we talked about. LOL.

Now, how can I forget the 2 choices provided to me by my rheumy???

Choice 1: take Cellcept, everyday, for God knows how many months, for God knows what dosage, and for God knows how much.

Choice 2: IV Chemo (Cytoxan) once a month for 6 months, and every quarter thereafter. 10k in PhP approximately a month.  Side effect, possible infertility, nausea, etc.

2 choices, which for me is less stressful. I think I’m going with choice 2. With the thought of infertility in mind, im still decided with it. at least this will be a scheduled activity. Unlike tablets, I really don’t trust myself with taking tablets in the morning and the evening, i do have a tendency to either forget or miss the required time.

So today, on the first of July, twenty twelve. My pulse therapy will be done, but my life with cytoxan is just starting. I’m just praying that I made the right decision.

Let’s see what happens next.


4 thoughts on “first of july, twenty twelve

  1. Choices in treatment are always hard, since there are no guarantees this side of the decision. My best to you as you are dealing with your Lupus nephritis. Make those doctors communicate and work together!! It is more important than you may realize, and can save your life. I have a friend who lost the battle, in my opinion because of failure to connect the nephro and rheumy. Don’t let them off the hook on taking the care to coordinate your treatment. Hang in there, and be strong!

  2. I agree with LupusAdventurer. Your doctors need to communicate with each other to provide you with the best treatment. Make it their job to talk to each other and not go through you every time there is a change. Being in your position is already stressful and all-consuming. Your emotional distress need to be at it’s minimum to avoid further flares…I know it seems bleak and dreary now, but it will get better. Have faith and stay strong.

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