4 years in a nutshell

Whoa! It has been 4 years? Approximately, 4 years since my last post. Gosh! How would I be able to tell you ALL of those missing 4 years in this post? LOL.

I’ve been reading my previous ones and I can’t help but laugh at myself. Geez. What random thoughts!

Hmmm.. how do i start this?

Well, one thing is for sure, I still have lupus. and one thing is for sure, it has not gotten any better. Just recently, I’ve just been diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis. Details of that is for another post. And no, I’m not going to dwell on that in this one.

Another thing is, I’m not working for my previous company anymore. I moved out late 2008… got in a new one, stayed for around 1.5 years there, and then got absorbed to my current one. Now that is something kind of worthy to share. I’m almost 2 years in this company, but it feels like I’m still new. Now that story is complicated. One year wasted.

My daughter is not a baby anymore… she’s turning into a teen, into a lady. And the sad thing is, I’m missing out on her life.

My mom and my dad is getting older, and I’m feeling like I’m still such a burden to them. It’s time to turn things around… How? Help me think how?

My friends… hmm who are they? hmm… counting off in my hand… one, two, …

My God? Honestly, there are times that I feel like my Father has forgotten or left me alone to live this life alone. but then again…

Gotta have faith. Gotta keep smiling.

The past ~4 years haven’t been easy. It has been full of ups and downs of life. Full of questions that some are still left unanswered, full of challenges. I can only count the times that I have been truly happy during the years that have passed.

Ok. I know, I may be starting out this blog in a depressing way. But then again, as I said, this is me. I’m still hoping and praying that one day soon, posts would be in a brighter side, a more optimistic side.

And before I end this, yes… I’m still a workaholic.


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