while waiting for the pics to finish uploading…

nothing in mind really, of what i want to write about or rant about..
my mind is blank. i cant seem to think of anything in particular regarding my life. ALL that is in my mind if its not blank (or rather black, is better), are work related stuff. as i have mentioned before, work is the only thing that keeps me going now. its the only thing i try to think about, so that my mind will not wander off to stuff that I MUST not think about.

What? A lot of things. I MUST not think of things. that could make me super excited, super happy, super sad, super depressed. In short, I must not be too emotionally charged, no extremes for me. And… I must not think of love lives. Seems all around me, it’s the topic. LOVE.
romantic love at that…

shakes head… tsktsk…

am not sure whats up.. is it the season to LOVE? hmmm.. or its more apt to say that it’s the season for heartbreak and love problems.

Joy asked me, Ms. Yumz, ano bago sayo? Tagal na natin di naguusap.
My reply? — this is the only thing I can say, in 3 months time, I learned to love again, i fell in love, got my heart broken, and am currently mending. πŸ™‚

o diba?

sa CIS Team bldg nya pala tinanong yan.. πŸ™‚ hehe…

ayan na naman ako.. LOVE uli. iba na lang?

geeky. nevermind. iba na lang uli.

Oh well, meron ba iba pa lately worth sharing? parang ala na.
Its boring na kasi… it’s like Home… Work… Home… Work…

Buti na nga lang i dont bring my work sa bahay… else..
My life is totally ……

fill in the blanks na lang.

hay… tgal naman magupload. pagong ata connection ko ngyon. oh well. πŸ™‚
if you’re wondering anong pics un…

its Azeus Bowling 2008, day 1 pics. πŸ™‚ held last july 28. (speaking of bowling, at least am improving.. siguro naman after 3 years na nasa Azeus.. kinda kakahiya if you dont improve… πŸ˜› ) —para lang pala to sa sarili ko ha… does not necessarily apply to others. πŸ˜›

Oh well
Till next time na bored uli ako. πŸ™‚


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