our song before…

another one. 🙂 am sori maaga ako dumating sa office, and usually need to have a break pa rin talaga. 🙂

random words in my head put together… to form this:

I’m hearing
what used to be our song
and i just want to cry
coz I’m not sure if the song is still ours.

You have someone in your life
I don’t have anyone
I just have my thoughts of you
I just have my love for you.

I’m hearing the song
that once defined us
You were there for me once
will you ever be here for me again?

I hear the melody
I hear the words
I don’t know if I’ll smile
or let the tears fall.

I listen and I wish…
that this song is still ours
That I won’t be saying you were there
But rather I’d say you are here… for always.


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