Christian Bautista – Captured

This is not a review, rather I would like to rant and rave πŸ˜› Sige na nga fine. maybe it IS a review but I don’t want to think about it. I am not the authority on anything to give official reviews.

But there is only one thing that I can think of when listening to this album (yes— ok??? ngayon lang ako nakabili ng 4th album ni Ian.. am zori, I don’t go out). There is only one thing in my mind right now, and this is… I want to CRY. Listen well. Heartbroken ang theme…pero dude ang ganda ng mga songs (imho lang po).

As in parang each song, akala ko straight to my heart na… Indi pa rin pala. the next song would give me something to think about. 12 Cuts. Each with its own story. Each song, hitting me straight in the gut.

Track 6 to 10.

Track 6: Limutin na Lang
what can I say? if I could only answer this…

mabuting limutin na lang
napag-iwanan ang puso… (or something like that)

dapat pa ba na mahalin pa kita?
gusto mang sabihin ngunit kinukubli…
ang aking dalangin mapasa’yong tabi…

[me] see the line in bold? what a question right? dapat pa ba? i don’t know the answer… because I just do. well…

Track 7: Just This Time

Just this time
I’m gonna let you know
that I love you so
Just for once
I’m gonna let you feel
that I love you still…

[me]…if you will let me…

Track 8: Nakalimutan Kong Sabihin

Nakalimutan kong sabihin
di ko pinansin ang yong damdamin
Nang ikaw ay lumisan
Saka ko nalaman, mahal pala kita

Nakalimutan kong sabihin
Sana’y di pa huli ang lahat
Nakikiusap ako, nagmamakaawa sau
Patawarin mo sana
Nakalimutan kong sabihin
Mahal Kita

[me] should i be saying goodbye?

Track 9: Forever In your eyes

…I couldn’t stand another day
Won’t let you get away
I have to say what I’m feeling…

…You can believe my love is true
I saved it all for you
now i know ive come to realize,
i can see forever in your eyes…

[me]gosh… di pa namn umabot sa forever. pero then again, hu knows?

Track 10: Could Have Been The One

[me] this song, for me says it all… hahahah….

I do hope you get the chance to hear these songs… you may grab an original copy you know. hehe… but you know me. Am a great Christian Bautista fan.If you’re into love songs, I guess this can be for you.

Sobrang… ouch. un lang. huhu.. πŸ™‚


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