another one of those that I wrote and kept somewhere for me to find… and i found it.. after 2 yrs? haha.. 😛

Nothing in life stays forever…
the flowers wilt, the sun sets..
the sky turns gray, the world turns blue..
everyone says goodbye.

Nothing in life stays forever…
friendship ends, relationships die…
love fades, hope turns to despair,
everyone says goodbye.

nothing in life stays forever…
everything utters the word goodbye..
everyone says farewell…
with a look, with a touch, even with a smile..

accept, though defeated…
accept, though saddened…
accept, though maddened…
accept… that there is always goodbye.

but even with goodbye..
see the colors behind the darkness..
see the smile in the hearts behind the frown of the lips..
and know that even with goodbye… memories are kept and treasured…
even when we say goodbye.

it’s inevitable to say goodbye… someday, somewhere, sometime, everyone leaves…but you don’t have to make it a sad parting, rather its a growth. for you? for me? hmmm.


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