time to think…

I’m home in Palawan and sometimes I don’t like it.
It gives me time to think… to ponder about life… to reflect about life, love, and everything else.
I enjoy my time with my daughter, the angel of my life. I love my time with her, for I know, this is just for now. I would have to leave again, and work. It makes me sad to think of leaving, it makes me sad knowing that while she is growing up, I am not there. To see her laugh, see her cry, see her with her friends. But that is reality. I can’t make it if she is with me, I can’t make it if I was to stop working.

Even though she is here, I still have time for myself. Which honestly, I don’t really like. It makes me feel depressed, makes me feel sad. makes me uncomfortable. Coz I know that there are a lot of stuff in my life that needs ironing out. needs to be planned. and i dont know where to start.

I do not like to be alone, I do not like to be able to think.
I really don’t like what comes to my mind…

But stay awhile, I’ll keep you posted. This may change… but this may not.

I jsut want to be happy.



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