something i found…

To all the people I call my friends,
To all the people I treat as my friend,
There is only one thing I can say right now,
And that is, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Thank you for the smile you bring to my lips,
Thank you for the joy you bring to my soul,
Thank you for the laughter you bring to my heart,
Thank you for easing my day.

Thank you for the encouragement you give when I’m down,
Thank you for the care that you offer when I’m sick,
Thank you for taking the time to listen to my woes,
Thank you… just for being there.

Thank you for the advice you give to me, though sometimes I don’t seem to listen.
Thank you for making me see reality, when at times I’m blinded.
Thank you for the honesty, especially even when it hurts
I thank you even just for the thought that you’re always there.

To all the people that are for me, my friends
Thank you for the time we’ve spent together and the times yet to come.
I may not always be beside you, I may not be the best of friend,
Thank you still for being a part of me.

– written November 22, 2006


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